A grand show on Electric Vehicles (Rickshaw, Cars, Hoverboard), Bikes is scheduled to be held from May 30th -June 2nd, 2019 at PRAGATI MAIDAN, New Delhi. This show is entirely dedicated to the overall electric vehicle industry. Increasing concerns towards environment safety lead to the up gradation of technology, but this technology is still not much widely spread and hence its usage is just at its initial stage. Our motive for this exhibition is to boost the growth graph of this industry to the new heights. This grand event is a way opportunity for all related manufacturing segment to showcase their latest and up graded products. Our motive behind promoting this latest battery operated or solar power operated technology is to provide the related community with an opportunity to serve the society with their upgraded products.

Manufacturers, dealers, retailers for related industries (National and International) will make up the part of this grand show and take the show to the new heights.